Frequently Asked Questions

1Do You Offer Delivery Services?
We are happy to deliver your balloons to your event. Delivery fees vary based on distance + time of day, so please contact us for an accurate quote! Minimum order of $250 to be eligible for delivery. Smaller orders available for pick-up.
2How Far In Advance Do I Need To Order?
Our delivery dates fill up very quickly so we ask that you place orders a week in advance to ensure we have the colors you prefer. Most smaller, last minute orders can be fulfilled but orders with a 1 day notice will incur a rush fee.
3Do You Deliver To Schools and Hospitals?
Yes, we do but it is your responsibility to make sure the delivery will be accepted as most schools have restrictions in place for latex allergies. However, foil balloons may be a better option!
4Do You Offer Custom Work?
Yes! We can customize balloon designs. If you are looking for a custom design that you discovered online, please send us the photos and we will be happy to recreate it in our own style. We are happy to use any inspiration!
5Are There Any Fees Other Than Delivery Fees?
While we understand things happen, if our driver has to wait for entry to a venue for more than 10 minutes after their scheduled arrival time we charge a wait fee. Wait time will be rounded to the nearest 15 minute increment at a rate of $24 per hour.
6Do You Provide Everything For The Balloons?
Yes! We will happily provide the structures for all of the balloon designs. In the event, you would like to use your own centerpieces with our balloon designs you must have someone else attach them. The shoppe will not be held responsible for design items we did not fully create.
7How Long Will My Balloons Last?
Standard 11 inch latex helium balloons last 10-14 hours long. IF that length of time is not enough, we can add a special liquid to your balloons to extend their life. This costs 50 cents per balloon and will make them last 2 days.
8Do You Offer Outdoor Balloon Designs?
Yes we do! However, should you choose to have the shop complete outdoor designs, we are released of all liability.
9Should I Inhale The Helium From My Balloons?
No! It is not healthy for a multitude of reasons. We ask customers to please refrain from doing so.
10Can I Come Into Your Shop At Any Time?
We are a custom balloon design studio by appointment only. Please contact us to set up an appointment.

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